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7005 Elbow Range Splint

7005 Elbow Range Splint

For non-operative application, collateral ligament strains and ruptures,and ulnar nerve transposition. May be used following early cast removal to stabilize fractures, and for post-operative immobilization.
Features and Benefits:
1.Aluminum ROM hings allows adjustment of flexion and extension to provides protected range-of-motion in rehabilitation procedures.
2.Adjustable hook and loop sling-straps which can be with or without provides additional immobilization and remain arm in a desirable position. 
3.The aluminum hings is telescoping and length can be adjusted from 13"to 17"according to patient's arm size.
4. Foam liner with good air circulation added patient comfort as well as slip-resistance. 
5. Easy to use,even the patient can wear it by themselves after the first time.

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